Metagenomics Discovery Challenge (MDC)

MDC 2024 will start with an Open House on  4/19, 2024,  at 1:00 PM.

MDC Informational Session will be held on 4/19, 2024,  from 1:00 am to 3:00 pm via Zoom. (link to the Zoom meeting will be provided to the registered participants via e-mail one day prior to the event.  Please, RSVP for the Informational Session via the link below).

Please, RSVP here for the Info Session, Open House Info & registration session.


Metagenomics Discovery Challenge (MDC) – it’s a certificate-based course. The independent study course seeks to promote students entering the Biomedical and Biotechnology workforce after graduation.  The online course will use Team-Based Learning (TBL) and Open Educational Resources (OER). It has no prerequisites, but a background in biological sciences or computer science would be helpful.   Students will learn to do bio-surveillance on metagenomic datasets*, identifying fungal (and other micro-eukaryotic), bacterial, archaeal, and viral sequences, including the COVID-19 data within these datasets.  This will reinforce the fundamentals of computational biology utilizing the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and computational tools necessary in determining metagenomics data sets. At the end of the semester, students are encouraged to submit a publication in AMRD format indicating their findings and create a 3-5 minute video using available resources to explain the tools they’ve learned, the importance of viral discovery, antibiotic resistance, and their discoveries.

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